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About Joanna Rae

Joanna Rae's Bio

Joanna Rae is a 26 year old from Midland, TX. Joanna was raised in Coyanosa, TX and attended
school in Fort Stockton, TX. She graduated in 2014 from Fort Stockton High School. In 2017, Joanna
graduated from the University of Texas of the Permian Basin with a Bachelor’s in Psychology and a
Minor in Criminology.
Joanna Rae started singing since she was a small child. Joanna was raised around Tejano music
and had a strong love for Tejano just like her father. Her father and mother encouraged her to follow
her dreams and to perfect her talent. Her first public performance was at a school talent show in the 6 th
grade and had performed in many school plays and concerts. Since then, Joanna has tried out for West
Texas Talent, American Idol, and The Voice. She was invited to be a part of West Texas Talent and the
Mexican American Music Association where she was able to do many performances at the County Fairs,
Car Shows, and perform as live music for restaurants. She has travelled to different areas such as
Gainesville, Lewisville, and Alpine, TX where she has had opportunities to perform..

Joanna Rae recorded her first single “Como Te Sientes” in April of 2022 with Producer Chris
Salmeron. The single was written by Joanna and inspired by the experience of falling in love at first sight.
Following the single, many doors were opened for her and she was able to perform for different events.
Joanna Rae opened up for the The Liberty Band, at the Destination in Midland, and also at the San
Angelo Car Show where she performed along side Tejano names such as Jenny B and Stevie D. Joanna
Rae was also invited to be a co-host by DJ Ndo (Lawrence Casarez) on the QVO TV Show “Hitmaker”.
Hitmaker aired on Roku TV Channel “Qvo Radio TV.” The show was filmed live in San Angelo, TX where
she was able to interview Tejano Stars such as Patsy Torres, Grupo Animo, Rita Capuchina, and Virginia y
Valor. The show is set to begin again in February of 2023.
Joanna Rae was introduced to award winning producer, Severo Contreras, by her manager
Lawrence Casarez. Joanna Rae worked with Sevy Contreras on a new single that was released in January
of 2023. A music video created by Lawrence Casarez was also released along with the single. The single
was written by Joanna and is inspired by individuals who have struggled and rose up from the darkest of
times. The single is also inspired by Joanna’s faith in God. Joanna has been introduced and humbled to
meet Tejano stars including Rick Balderama, David Lee Garza, Shelly Lares, Stefani Montiel, Sonja De La
Paz, Monica Saldivar, and many more. Joanna hopes to release an album in the future and continue to
write music.

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